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This would be the #1 question we are asked when it comes to online coaching.

'In order for an online coaching program to work, you have to work the program!'


It is really that simple.


We will take the guess work out of your programming so that all you have to do is execute, cultivate habit, and be accountable by participating in your follow up process. 


You will be responsible for following your programs we write, tracking your nutritional compliance, and sending us your assessment feedback. Coaching is a relationship where both parties (the coach and the client) agree to work together towards a common goal. Your coach is the navigator, but you are really the pilot! Our best coaching relationships are when the client is an active participant in communicating personal feedback.


Our programs differ depending upon your needs but there is some basic standard client rules that we have:

  • You must be committed to the process by checking in regularly and on time

  • You must be willing to be coached, and your are ready to get out of your own way

  • You will allow us to assess your personal needs state 

  • You are ready to handle constructive feedback

  • If you participate in training programs, you will have a basic level of weight room terminology

  • Nutritional clients must feel comfortable using a flexible nutrition model

  • You are willing to participate in your programming 100%, which includes full disclosure of personal habits and/or medical conditions past and present.

  • Physique transformation clients must have a healthy mindset and metabolism prior to dieting/cutting


It is always our mantra to be honest, reliable, and punctual in your journey which sometimes means wearing multi hats that can include tough love, celebrating your wins, and encouraging you to think beyond your own personal mantras and stories. We are 100% committed to your success, but you have to be committed to the process!

Using an online data base program, you will have access to your programming, weekly/bi-weekly assessments, and an open chat area for your questions and follow ups. You will be able to track your compliance and stay accountable. Plus, we offer a private coaching group for clients only for education, mind set support, and celebration victories with like minded individuals.


We offer coaching for the 'fit chick' that wants to feel challenged and re route their fitness and nutrition journey!


Be a part of a supportive community, and obtain REAL results that don't have an expiration date.

We will keep you accountable by monitoring your progress and having 'real coaching' talks each check in.


That means we are not just after the numbers... get ready to shift your mindset and perhaps your entire outlook on 'good vs bad' in your fitness journey. 

Educating our clients is our mandate. We want you to become self empowered and 'free thinking' when it comes to food and training. We want you to find what works for you through one on one coaching that works with you as an individual.

We specialize in post contest coaching for the retired fitness athlete, metabolic repair, reverse dieting, and physique transformation clients looking to achieve a date specific goal such as photo shoots, special events, and modelling.


Learn how to track your macros and cultivate a flexible dieting lifestyle or learn how to intuitively eat while having customized training programs geared towards your physique and goals.