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Victoria, BC, Canada

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Hi, my name is Jen and I am the owner and creator of JKFIT (previously known as INJA Fit).

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Former referral coach for Biolayne 2013-2015

Feature coach in the reverse dieting E-book by Sohee Lee and Dr Layne Norton

Feature coach in the 'How to track Macros' E-book by Sohee Lee

Cohost of the Redefining Fitness Weekend

Twist Conditioning Level 2 SPC

TRX Functional Movements Instructor

Canadian Figure Champion

Former BC Bodybuilding Association Judge

Over 20 years experience in the fitness industry

My introduction to the fitness industry was not different than many of you. It was mesmerizing, exciting, addictive, and confusing. When I began training in 1996, women were rarely seen in the weight room and we were all recovering from the low fat/high carb craze of the 90's.

Yet, I found myself in love with strength training, watching my body change, studying nutrition, and then preparing for my first fitness competition. I followed along advice given to me, as well as in magazines, and stepped on stage. Watching my body transform for the first time and the attention that it garnered me was beyond addicting. 

The body coupled with the element of performance in my fitness routine had me hooked immediately, so I carried on competing.


Eventually I hired a coach to help me, but methods back then were rarely based on sustainability, and it was deemed normal in my social sub culture to diet, regain, and diet again.

For years I carried on this cycle while working within the holistic nutrition industry, teaching group fitness, and training competitors. I was consistently landing in the top five nationally, and my clients were winning contests, so I kept sharing the same bro science that I followed.

Yet, beyond our trophies, we were receiving the same results:



A poor relationship with food.


Negative self-image.




It was not until 2007 when I sat down with Scott Abel where I began to have some light bulb moments in regards to my methods and what was happening to my body physically.  It honestly had not occurred to me that 'my methods' were the problem because I believed that it was the consequences of a 'weak mind' that I could not keep my body in shape year round.

Yet, at that point, I did not want to step away from the stage; I only wanted to get better so that I could compete that year.


So I carried on with the same methods that were breaking me down:


Endless cardio.


Five foods.

Fear of food and weight regain in the off-season.




In 2008, I achieved my goal of winning a national title in Canada and I knew in that moment that it was time to change. For my health, for my clients, and so that I could live in a body year round that mentally was at peace.


With the assistance from Scott, and a lot of humbling patience on my behalf I found myself in a healthier body and mind.


From there I changed my methods as a coach, competitor, and gym rat.

I adopted a flexible approach to my nutrition planning.


I began training in a way that benefited metabolism.

I reduced my overall cardio and began lifting heavier weights.


I began losing body fat without extreme methods.


I sustained a healthy body composition year round.

I put on a bathing suit in public without being in contest shape.


When I began JKFIT (INJA Fit) in 2013 it was because I had sat back and watched as countless women went through the same pattern of self-abuse that I did. As a mother, coach, competitor, and former judge in my province, I could not be a part of that mental and physical breakdown anymore, and I wanted to be a part of positive change in the industry that I love.


When clients come to me it is because they are ready to reset and change. 


I am persistent at helping them reach their goals, and I am always in their corner... but I am honest and blunt.

I have now coached over 100's women on and off the stage, and I have watched lives, bodies, and minds transform before my eyes. My competitive clients have won pro cards and my lifestyle clients have won their relationship with themselves back. Food does not have to be that complicated and training should be enjoyable since we are cultivating a lifestyle.

I believe that coaching is based on communication, accountability, and honesty. In other words, I'm going to keep it 'real' with you.

I am honoured that you are here,





The best plan is always the one that meets the individual"


Our clients come to us from all over the world with varying backgrounds in fitness and nutrition; and our goal is to always provide professional, quality service that exceeds above and beyond the industry standard. I personally chose these coaches to be on the team because of their high level of integrity, as well as their own personal relatable experiences as a client.  Each coach on this team was once a client, so you could say that they have 'been there and done that!'


JKFIT coaches are all certified in fitness and nutrition through a nationally and/or internationally accredited certification program; and they are required to maintain their credentials each year through workshops, seminars, and education programs.


Can fit pro Certified Personal Trainer

Children’s Fitness Coach

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach 

It is extremely important to me to lead by example & becoming a mom made my mission & vision even more clear.  We have so many excuses on why we SHOULDN'T exercise or eat nutritious and balanced meals and that is why I follow and teach my clients flexible dieting so that they can have variety and make healthy food choices without feeling the boredom that can come from a meal plan.  It doesn't come easy.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, which is something I strive to teach not only my child, but my clients as well.  My philosophy is based on the belief that my client’s needs are of utmost importance and I am committed to meeting those needs.  As a result, most of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.


Through my professional experience, I am able to take this passion of mine and turn what was once a hobby into a reality to train and educate clients through my online coaching as well as group and individual training in my small hometown of  Parksville, BC. 


I am focused on being a provider with the highest level of service, safety, effectiveness, education, and satisfaction.  



NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

ANBF Figure Pro

Overall Badass Chick

"Victoria, your weight fluctuates like the temperature"

Ouch, that was a burn to hear. This was from my best friend nonetheless, but she was right. 


It was honestly embarrassing the way I lost and gained weight so often; not to mention whenever I lost it, I feared gaining it back. I feared the attention it would put on me, and if I even deserved it. What if I can't maintain the new look and then everyone will see me fail, again, so I might as well hide anyway?

Looking as fit as I did, just didn't seem to be in the cards for me.

Ironically, I didn't have any issues with my weight until I started dieting.


Growing up in dance, I spent a lot of time fixated on the image in the mirror. I wouldn't say I had a fantastic self-esteem. I was suffering (still recovering) from a debilitating sickness called perfectionism. Add in cultural and peer pressure, and that's a recipe for a young girl to think her body needs help. The yo-yo dieting only worsened my relationship with food. It all became black and white to me. I basically forgot how I used to eat before I started thinking about how to eat. The love/hate relationship with food was never really about food though...although I really, really love it :-)


For 13 years, it had been a cycle of restriction, self-sabotage, binge, mind games, meltdown, start over.

Always starting over.


I received my degree in Dance from Hofstra University in 2007. Graduating as the President of the Dance Majors, an esteemed choreographer by faculty and peers, magna cum laude. From there, I began teaching group fitness in local gyms, and at Hofstra while I was in school.


I was intensely interested in personal training. Their knowledge, their physiques, and their swag. Becoming a personal trainer came naturally to me as I was always a leader, obsessed with movement, and loved helping people.


I have spent the last seven years training one-on-one in one of the premiere health clubs in New York City, achieving the rank of highest level trainer. On top of my certifications with NSCA and EFTI, I became pre snf post-natal certified, Trigger Point therapy certified, Powerplate certified, and Kettlebell certified through Kettlebell Athletics.


Dance quickly took a backburner to fitness and I began competing in powerlifting, and not long after losing a dramatic amount of weight (far too quickly) I competed in Bikini. The terrible rebound I experienced after my first show mentally destroyed me, and to make matters worse my skin erupted into a painful rash covering my arms and legs for an entire year. My emotional health was toast. I had dug myself into a metabolic pit.


After months of healing on the inside, turning my life over to God and taking the focus off myself, I was then ready to conquer this cycle once and for all. I achieved the Precision Nutrition certification to coach my PT clients, and I really dove into the journey of self-forgiveness and the study of nutrition.


A year later I found Jen, and being that I am a coach and I believe in coaching, I knew I needed one heck of a coach myself. She has blessed me beyond words with her outstanding coaching ability and her amazing heart. I could not be more proud to be a part of her vision. My passion is to coach people that are sick of always starting over. The men and women that need balance and realize that physical transformation is much more than just exercise and food.


I know my purpose is to be a light of encouragement and to live open-handedly, willing to serve others at every opportunity."