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Victoria, BC, Canada

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With over 20 years in the competitive fitness industry as athletes and coaches we have coached over one hundred people to the stage, and we have won a lot of hardware doing so. 


We take pride in the fact that our clients are in the winners circle, and they did it while having lives, maintaining integrity and without rebounds. We will take the guess work out of the equation for you so that you can perform at your best.


The majority of contest prep diets consist of a handful of foods, endless hours of cardiovascular activity, social isolation and a rebound. We believe in a flexible nutritional approach to contest prep, and training programs that compliment the hormonal environment of our clients. We believe in coaxing the body along, 


We work hard for our clients year round to ensure that they have the best possible outcomes. This includes a healthy post contest phase where we bring the body back to homeostasis and a productive improvement season. It is encouraged that our clients maintain some coaching during the 'off season' so that we can understand their bodies, make physique improvements and flourish a healthy metabolism prior to their next competition season.


In the right hormonal and metabolic environment you do not have to rebound, you do not have to live on the treadmill and you can have a life during prep! Using science and real world applications, we will get you to stage at your best, and then we will continue on with a post contest plan so that you do not end up with the dreaded 'rebound'. We will not leave you post show!


We are now accepting competition prep clients!


We offer full custom coaching for competition prep including:


Custom strength training programming

Custom flexible dieting protocols

Ongoing adjustments

Two physique assessments per week 

Weekly posing sessions and video check ins

Supplement over view and guidelines

Cardio and conditioning protocols

Discounted rate on custom suit design

Daily check ins during peak week

Reverse dieting protocols and coaching

Unlimited support from two coaches

Show day support

Online team environment for support

Mindset coaching

Specializing in natural bodybuilding

Metabolism focused

Science based protocols

Over twenty years real world experience

Amateur to the professional ranks


We keep a client load that is manageable so that we can focus on individual attention and detail.


Our results speak for themselves with nearly every one of our clients placing at the top of the pack this year.


Please ensure you give us ample time for your prep— we will not accept last minute applications and will be limiting our client load specific to each contest this season 🙏


Our coaching rate is competitive with other industry coaches but we offer two coaches instead of one. Having another set of eyes is a huge advantage as a coach and in our experience improved our clients stage presence and overall package, resulting in top finishes.


We do recommend that you work with us year round to ensure that your metabolism, physique improvements, and motivation stay in top form