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Victoria, BC, Canada

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My name is Jennifer Kersten and I am the owner and head coach for JKFIT (previously INJA Fit).

I want to personally thank you for visiting our website and taking a look at what we do, how we think, and my hope is that we can impact your FIT journey in a positive way; either as your coaches or as a community.


I began this company back in 2013 because I recognized that there was a huge disconnect in the fitness industry.


Between social media, the bros at the gym, and our personal belief systems passed down from generation to generation; there is a lot of misinformation causing confusion, stagnation, and wheel spinning among the fitness fanatic population.


It really does not matter how far into your journey you have come, whether you have lost a hundred pounds, competed on stage, or made a personal best in the gym.


If you do not have the tools to be successful on your FIT journey than you may keep spinning your wheels and restarting each week like it is New Year’s Day.


Look at how many people lose weight every year, but they never keep it off.

How often do people complain of injury from poorly outlined fitness programs?


Look at all of the physique competitors afraid to eat beyond their five foods, over shooting their set points, and competing with the all or nothing mindset.

How many women do you see hopping on the cardio machines, climbing to nowhere, making little to no progress each year?

The list goes on, and trust me, it is an endless barrage of unnecessary nonsense.


Perhaps that is you right now and you are at a cross roads in your FIT journey. Believe me when I tell you that I know first-hand how incredibly frustrating that endless journey can be, and so does the amazing coaching team that I have brought together. 

Our coaching team wants to help you redefine fitness on your own terms, by teaching you the science behind fat loss, metabolism, and physique transformation; while we are at it we will address mindset roadblocks, training parameters, and lifestyle choices that may be holding you back while keeping you connected with our JKFIT community for like-minded support.